Thank you’s

A massive thank you to the CRCC Cornwall Rural Community Charity for agreeing to fund our St Austell group. The money has gone towards crafting materials and refreshments for the group.

A huge thank you to Cornwall Community Foundation and the Cornwall Glass fund for awarding us with £650 in order to build our website. It will become a first stop for many families who need to access our services so thank you!

Thank you to RAOB Rock Lodge Roche for their generous donation of £400 from their local needy cause appeal fund which was presented on 27/4/18. We have used some of the money to market the group by purchasing flyers and other marketing materials. The rest of the money will go towards the successful running of the groups.

Thank you to St Austell Metal Detecting Club for raising and donating £215 on the 15/12/2018 and £468.60 on 6/01/2019 from two digs near St Austell. We will be putting this money towards craft supplies for the group and to help continue the successful running of the groups.

A massive thank you to Janet who runs the St Blazey Family Hub for all her kindness and support in helping us to set up the first Untangled support group and for her continued support throughout. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Thank you to Chris and Gemma from Truro Lush for their extremely kind donation of a collection of gorgeous bath bombs and soaps for our families. It brightened up their day!