Dream catchers

Today we made dream catchers to sell. They weren’t that easy to make but they were fun to do.

We had a wool donation from a family friend and have loads left over so we will be using that for other projects such as weaving and pom pom making.

The items that we make at group are then sold at local fairs to raise money for the Untangled groups.

Meet Viv

Hiya, my name is Viv Collings, I have 3 beautiful children but experienced severe postnatal depression and anxiety with my 1st and pre and postnatal depression and anxiety with my 3rd babies. I help to facilitate the St Austell, St Blazey and Bodmin groups. My experiences have moulded me into being an open and honest person. I’m always happy to chat about anything and will greet you with a smile, a cuppa and a box of biscuits. 😁 nothing is taboo and everything is open for discussion no matter how “embarrassing” it may seem to you.

I also am an experienced Learning support practitioner having worked with groups of young people who have physical, mental or learning difficulties, including those on the autism spectrum and those with complex needs.

I’d love to welcome you to our Untangled family and I look forward to getting

to know you. X


Meet Cara

Hi there!

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited about it as it gives you the chance to find out what we do and where we do it.

I feel like I should introduce myself…..My name’s Cara White and I am a group leader and Director of Untangled. I experienced severe Pre and Postnatal Depression with my son Sebastian, you can read about my story here

I help run St Blazey and both St Austell groups. I love a bit of craftin’, my favourites being crochet and knitting. I love welcoming the new families that attend our groups, helping to make them feel at ease with a good old natter.

I look forward to meeting you.